Dr. Hiroyoshi Watanabe
- General Manager

"Application of Inverse Design and Optimization
for Compressors and Turbines in EBARA"

Abstract of the Presentation

Experiences of our challenges for design optimization for compressors and turbines by using inverse design in Ebara will be presented in this presentation. Inverse design was effectively applied to improve the flow field by controlling the loading and stacking shape. 


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Industry leading solution for 3D inverse turbomachinery component design

Industry Leaders
Our clients represent some of the leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and marine fields.
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Our clients have achieved significant returns on investment in terms of reduced design time, high performance and ease of reduced design time.
Higher Performance
This along with ease of know-how transfer between different design teams and projects. 
TURBOdesign Software
The features of TURBOdesign create a competitive advantage for your business to maximize your technology performance. 

                        Case Study


Manufacturing System of Hydraulic Parts using TURBOdesign1 in Ebara Corporation

"Our new integrated system based on TURBOdesign1 and the new fabrication system has enabled us to shorten the design time from a week to a few days, the fabrication period from six weeks to one week, and we have achieved marvelous reduction of the development time. The lead time of the custom pump development is now just two weeks"
Takashi Enomoto - General Manager, Fluid Dynamics Technologies Development Office, EBRA

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