Brian Millward
- Plant Technology Authority

"Next Generation Pumps"
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Abstract of the Presentation

The design of Centrifugal Pumps has evolved over a considerable timescale, but the journey goes on. The market demand for yet higher efficiencies, lower costs, wider operating ranges, and improved reliabilities continues unabated.

Good Pump Design is far more complicated than many believe, and getting it right first time is an immense challenge which often depends on a delicate balance of conflicting requirements, and realistically can only be achieved through the intelligent use of sophisticated computerized algorithms, computational simulations, and accurate Laboratory Tests.

A few examples of where such techniques have been applied with success will be presented, including large-scale Concrete Volute pumps, in-line canned motor pumps, general purpose multi-stage diffuser pumps, multi-phase oil pumps, high-speed Boiler Feedwater pumps, and ultra-high- speed nuclear safety-related pumps.

Each project requiring a different optimization approach covering efficiency, size, cavitation performance, and operating range.


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                        Case Study

Carver Pump

3D Inverse Method Improves Pump Design

"Carver Pump used the ADT software to speed development of impeller, diffuser and
return vane sets for expanding its family of RS multistage ring section pumps.
Mark Post, Chief Operating Officer for Carver Pump

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