Open Clinic Live Demos

During the TURBOdesign Global Symposium, we will be holding a series of Open Clinics providing an opportunity for TURBOdesign users to discuss their specific applications with ADT specialists, gather advice and provide feedback. 

The Open Clinics sessions will be by appointment only, so early booking is advisable given the limited number of slots available. Once registered, further details will be provided for the open clinic sessions.

We will also be running a series of live demos throughout the day, allowing attendees to experience first-hand the latest developments of the software and the benefits these bring. Register for live demo topics of your choice below.

Demonstration and application of TURBOdesign Pre, TURBOdesign1 and TURBOdesign Optima


Why Customers, Partners and Designer Are Coming To The Symposium, And Why You should too.

  • Network with TURBOdesign users who share their experience.
  • Learn about cutting-edge TURBOdesign solutions from industry leaders in their field.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the latest features of the TURBOdesign software and its planned future developments. 

Industry leading solution for 3D inverse turbomachinery component design

Industry Leaders
Our clients represent some of the leading companies in the aerospace, automotive, power generation and marine fields.
Increased Efficiencies
Our clients have achieved significant returns on investment in terms of reduced design time, high performance and ease of reduced design time.
Higher Performance
This along with ease of know-how transfer between different design teams and projects.
TURBOdesign Software
The features of TURBOdesign create a competitive advantage for your business to maximize your technology performance.